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05/21/13 11:13 AM #376    


Mauricio Solórzano


I was brought up in the slumps of Mexico City. My grandmother who brought me
up didn't have the money to purchase a cape and a hat for me. For many children,
their action heroes might be Super Man, Captain America, or even spider man.
But not for me. I wanted to become an action  hero riding on his horse, with his 
cloak and hat flapping in the wind. No, not the Lone Ranger, although I must admit, 
that sounds quite enticing living in Texas. No, I wanted to become a dark figure, 
maybe silent, but deadly. Not concealing a weapon, but covering my face, kind of like
Batman does. My weapon of choice the foil, rapier, epée, or the cold and steely
From that time on, I really never grew up. I was encased in a dream world where
children are found. The action hero was my comfort and guide, always remembering
that reality is thinner than air. So for a child to understand an adult, you have to
be one of them. You have to bend down to their higher level when you speak to them,
and you have to become a person who will defend them and protect them from
all adversities, just like an action hero does.
We are bikers, action heroes of flesh and bones, ready to stand between them and
the dark force, Darth Vader, and his cronies. Except that the evil beings are not
in the movies and have to be dealt with the sharp Sabre of justice.
Now my child dream has come true and I ride on a glittering iron horse, once again
to defend those in need, those who are good, innocent, and precious. NOTHING stands
in my way. I am at the ready to unsheathe my sword, which is my strength and
determination to succeed in comforting as much as empowering kids to dream
once again and become the children that they are. They don’t have to grow up
now and deal with the filthiness of adult life.
If everyone were children, we all would settle world conflicts over a game of
capture the flag, kick the can, Hopscotch, Jump-Rope and Double Dutch,
or Hide and Seek, and NOT with war.
So when someone calls me silly, childish, or even an idiot for dressing up as Zorro,
I feel that that is the best accolade anybody can say to me -  I have left my mark.
I leave you with this humble word:
He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said:
“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never
enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this
child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such
child in my name welcomes me.
                                                                -- Mathew 18:2

05/23/13 03:01 PM #377    


Mauricio Solórzano

My gorgeous and adorable wife, Alejandra!

05/25/13 10:54 AM #378    

Andrew Simpson

Sorry I'll miss the reunion.  I have a week-long trial starting the following Monday and have to prepare all weekend.  Have a great time everyone.  Andy Simpson (coralbrief@gmail.com)

10/21/13 11:57 PM #379    


Danny Harrell

HEY, Sorry I missed the reunion. I actually just logged on to find out where to go for the reunion ( somehow I thought it would be over Thanksgiving).  Hope all had a great time. SEE YOU AT THE 40th?  I'll try to be on time for that one. 

Daniel Harrell

03/05/16 04:56 PM #380    


Andy Cleff

I am hoping a few of you can help me locate some missing classmates as well as get current email addresses for a few that I'm getting bounce backs for.

The list of folks for whom we have no email address at all is here: http://www.moorestown78.com/class_classmates_missing.cfm

And those who's emails are bouncing is here:



04/03/16 07:11 AM #381    


Andy Cleff

What a day/night!

Many more pix on FB...

04/04/16 11:06 AM #382    


Tim Monahan



Check out a slideshow of Brendan O'Connor's retirement party here to see many of your classmates from 1978!

04/06/16 05:42 PM #383    


Peggy Martin (Fecher)

Congratulations Brendan! Hope you have a wonderful time in Ireland. Tim, thank you for sharing the video with us. 


Peggy Martin Fecher

04/07/16 08:09 AM #384    

Tracy Power (Doyle)

Tim thanks for the video.  It looked like a great day was had by all.  Bendan, congratulations on an amazing career.  You deserve a well-earned trip to Ireland with your beautiful family.  Enjoy,


04/07/16 12:35 PM #385    

Brendan O'Connor

To My Dear Friends and Classmates,
A rare occasion it is when I am left speechless. But I was struck dumb when Shawn Sullivan and Andy Cleff revealed my classmate's generosity. Thank you for your kind wishes and sentiments. Just those would have been enough. (I cannot even write this note without my throat tightening and my eyes welling up)
Please know....I served because I love my Country, my home, my family and my friends. I endured the rigors of duty for the chance that our future generations might enjoy the best hope this world has for approaching the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our nation, with all its faults, is still the best experiment going. I have served alongside fine Americans across the Cold War, the Drug War and the Global War on Terror. I have served in conventional and elite formations from both the United States and of our Coalition Allies. They have been of many colors and from all creeds and we fought, bled and died for one another, in spite of those differences. It is not at all trite when I say I have served in the Company of Heroes. These things have been my reward.
Being who I am, and consistent with whom you may remember me to be,I spent nearly 40 years doing what it takes most others only 20 years to do. (Slow on the uptake I guess)

As soon as I can gather myself....I will place something on our MHS 78 web-thingy that will try, but ultimately fail to express my family's humbled gratitude.

Thank You Again,
Brendan O'Connor
Sergeant Major (Retired)
US Army Special Forces

04/07/16 06:45 PM #386    

Patricia Barone (Higman)

Many thanks to Brendan for his years of service and sacrifice!  Looks like a wonderful and well deserved retirement celebration.  Enjoy Ireland with your beautiful family!

Patti Barone Higman


04/08/16 08:07 AM #387    


Susan Wilkins (Johnson)

Brendan for President 2016🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

04/08/16 08:13 AM #388    

John Costello

Sue, how big are his hands? Important question in this cycle.

04/08/16 12:05 PM #389    


Michael A. Boyell


I am sorry I could not attend your retirement party. However, your service is very much appreciated. I wiish you and your family well. 

Your friend, 

Michael A. Boyell

04/08/16 01:53 PM #390    

Jeanette Burns (Dubela)

Brendan's story is nothing short of amazing.  I truly admire the unflinching loyalty, respect and deep love that his family has for him.  It was an honor to be at his retirement party.  And what a treat to be able to spend the day with so many old friends! After all these years our class remains bonded in such a special way.  Big props to Shawn & Andy for orgainizing the gift effort and to Tim for creating a thoughtful & entertaining video that perfectly captured the day. Love you all!

***Here we have our war hero, in middle school, looking very 70's chic!***

04/09/16 10:34 AM #391    

Russell Brown

Fred - Brendan's hands are the biggest I've ever seen.  If they were green you would think they were attached to the Hulk!

And yes - Brendan is an amazing person.  Just ask my neighbor.  After meeting him one time wants to adopt him!

04/10/16 07:45 AM #392    

John Costello

Wrong Costello, Russ. ;)

No worries, though.

04/11/16 07:37 AM #393    


Patti Klatt (DiGenni)

To Sgt. Major Brendan O'Connor. Many kudos to you and your family! And thank you for the many years if service you have given us, and the memories you have bestowed on Moorestown as well. Your classmates are so proud ... sorry I couldn't be with you on your day. New jobs suck.

04/21/16 06:19 PM #394    


Tim Monahan

07/07/21 06:15 PM #395    


Andy Cleff


Frederick James Costello, 61, of Bonita Springs, FL died suddenly on July 2, 2021. Fred will be best remembered for his quick smile, his deep devotion to family, his love of song, and his unparalleled knack for maintaining countless friendships across the miles and years.

Fred was born on May 17, 1960 in Fort Monmouth, NJ to Nancy Peters, a dental hygienist, and to Fred Costello, Sr., who spent his career with Union Carbide. The couple raised Fred and his five younger siblings in several states.  These frequent childhood moves may have contributed to Fred’s love of travel, ideally to places where he could find white sand beaches, fine food, and ample supplies of Chardonnay. The best of these adventures happened with his beloved wife and traveling companion, Ann, by his side.

As early as high school, Fred demonstrated qualities that would become hallmarks of his life and career. As a teenager he displayed a rare combination of both leadership and humility; he was popular but kind to all. In fact, Fred was beloved by such a wide spectrum of classmates that he was voted senior class president and Homecoming King before graduating from Moorestown High School in Moorestown, New Jersey.

Fred went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University in the City of New York where he majored in history and political science but with a mischievous grin and a wink would readily admit that he spent his best hours pursuing the fine art of Greek life at his fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta.

After graduating, Fred remained in New York City, where he began a successful career in the food business. On many pre-dawn mornings, you would have found Fred, a fish buyer for several restaurants, haggling over prices at the city’s famed Fulton Fish Market or working late nights – and no doubt sweating profusely – managing restaurants in Manhattan.

But Fred always shined brightest when enveloped by his vast circle of family and friends; a seemingly endless sphere that spanned time zones and generations. Fred’s many close relationships were fostered intentionally by a man who always called loved ones on their birthdays; he was the gracious and patient host of days-long gatherings of family who would overtake the Florida home he shared with Ann. And as a new retiree, Fred lovingly and loyally shepherded his beloved parents through their final years.

As a parent himself, Fred made fatherhood fun. He planned family trips months in advance, taking Trey and Maggie to Europe and Asia and they often joined him in the stands to cheer on their beloved St Louis Cardinals, Arizona Cardinals and Chicago Bulls. Even after Maggie and Trey left home for college and careers, they continued to speak to their dad regularly by phone.

Whenever Maggie had a challenge she was facing in work or in life, her dad was always her first call, and he would often reply, “Are you looking for advice? Or just someone to listen?” Fred always intuitively knew which was needed. Similarly, Trey found in his dad a man with whom he was completely comfortable; their conversations were infused with witty quips and laughter and yet when he needed it, Trey could rely on his dad for sage advice. When Fred married Ann, he gained two “bonus children” in Keegan and Kathleen. He was a loving stepfather, mentor and friend to them in many ways.

Colleagues, friends and family experienced in Fred those same gifts – of empathic listener and wise counselor. At work, Fred was also a respected business leader and gifted public speaker; qualities that eventually propelled him to the roles of Senior Vice President and President at Grainger International, where he led the company’s billion-dollar international businesses outside of the US and Canada, until his retirement two years ago. Fred also volunteered on the Board of Directors at the American Red Cross of Illinois.

As his parents aged and later passed away, Fred delicately stepped into their shoes, re-emerging as the quintessential ‘big brother’ to his five younger siblings. Despite trials and family spats, Fred always led by example, choosing the high road and seeing the best in his loved ones. He managed the challenging terrain of familial relations with utter grace and open heartedness and in doing so, became the glue that held the family together. His siblings would regularly pick up the phone to hear their big brother say, “I just wanted to see how you’re doing.”

Fred was short in stature but his deep tan and thick coif of hair was the envy of many men. Indeed, Fred led a life that was large and successful by any measure, but he never demanded that others take notice. If there was ever someone who lead life by quiet example, it was Fred. Indeed, watching this man move through the world was a lesson in embracing life because he had experienced its spectrums: from the depths of sorrow and loss to the warm embrace of true love with Ann. And all those who were fortunate enough to love Fred received it back from him unconditionally and tenfold.

Perhaps no one moreso than his wife Ann Nobis Costello who survives him, and his children, Margaret (“Maggie”) Costello of Washington, DC and Frederick James Costello III (“Trey”) of Champaign, IL; his stepchildren, Kathleen Haines of Chicago, IL and Keegan Haines of Columbia, MO. Fred also leaves his five siblings and their spouses, Catherine and Ronnie Bennett of Bethlehem, GA; Dan Costello and Kerry Bernard of Maynard, MA; Sue Costello and Jeff Keffer of Arlington, MA; James Costello and Candy Chan of Hong Kong, and Amy Costello and Gregory Watt of Austin, TX; as well as friends, nieces and nephews too numerous to count.

In lieu of flowers, donations in Fred’s memory may be made to the “James V. Costello Scholarship” which supports low-income students at the alma mater of Fred’s father.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute c/o University Advancement, 100 Institute Road, Worcester, MA 01609.

You may also consider a donation to The Red Cross of Illinois. If you would like to make a donation by check, please fill out a donation form online and send to:

The American Red Cross, PO Box 37839, Boone, IA 50037-0839.

Expressions of sympathy may be sent to: Ann Nobis Costello 27290 Hidden River Court, Bonita Springs, FL 34134.

A private graveside ceremony will be held at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Lee, MA.

If you would like to leave a message of condolence or share pictures with the family, please visit www.kellyfuneralhome.net

To send flowers to the family or plant a tree in memory of Frederick James Costello, please visit the Kelly Funeral Home's floral store.

07/09/21 09:14 AM #396    


Geoffrey Grady

Farewell to a good kid who became a great man.

07/09/21 02:13 PM #397    


Connie Kilroy (Ohlsten)

What a beautiful tribute to an exceptional person. Thanks for sharing it, Andy.

It is raining cats and dogs here today -- as often happens when we lose one of the great ones.

Rest in peace, Fred, and thank you for shining your light on us. 

07/10/21 11:50 AM #398    


Dr. James Troutman

I was really touched by this tribute to Fred. Really appreciated it and, though I was not a close to Fred as some of you, I always admired him and his joyous spirit, big smile that revealed his big heart. And, I learned we were FIJI brothers and didn't even know it. The toga picture cracked me up as I had a few too many experiences in a toga in college at Davidson in NC! Times at Moorestown HS seem so long ago, but yet seem like yesterday. Grateful to have lived in Moorestown and attended a really quality HS with some amazing impactful teachers and lots of great times and experiences. These posts are reminders of the fragility of life and remind me to stay focused on family and friends and keep the experiences rolling and continue to revel in them. Thanks for sharing Andy. This memorial to Fred was beautifully written and was a real tribute to him.

07/12/21 10:59 AM #399    


Susan Wilkins (Johnson)

I took some time to dig through Moorestown High School Nutshells, miscellaneous photos, & newspaper clippings from the 1977-1978 era, looking for something to add to this memorial blog. I found a quote from Fred in The News Chronicle dated April 27, 1978, in a story about the Home and School Fair. Fred said “Since I’m an elected officer, working on the Fair is one of the main things I can do for the Home and School Association. I feel responsible for helping…” I imagine this ethic is one that he carried through the entirety of his life. Fred helped make the world a better place.

Although our paths only crossed a couple of times post MHS graduation, I always had a special place in my heart and mind for him. A brilliant life ended way too soon.


05/15/23 07:46 AM #400    


Susan Wilkins (Johnson)

MHS Class of 1978 45th Reunion Tickets Now on Sale!!!

The Moorestown High School Class of 1978 is proud to announce that tickets are now on sale for our 45th Reunion to be held at the Grand Resort Hotel, Mt Laurel on Saturday October 14th.    

Purchase your tickets on the class website (moorestown78.com) by clicking on the MHS 45th Reunion tab (leftside of home screen).

Early bird tickets purchased before July 31st are $90 per person.  Ticket price after July 31st will be $100 per person, Ticket sales end September 4th.  

Please help spread the word to our classmates!

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