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01/06/10 03:59 PM #364    

Lauretta Gehweiler (Humes)

Happy New Year to all. It's nice to see that people are still checking in on the site. Kevin it is normal for girls to say see ya later be home by 10:00!! I have 3 girls 17, 16 &13 and one boy 24. The girls outdo the boys by a long shot. Cathy it was really nice to see Dave, he stopped by on one of the thurs. nights out. How is everyone doing at your place?


01/08/10 12:45 PM #365    

Cathy Loring (Manning)

Laurie - Dave doesn't make most of the Thursday night outings with the guys but he was in the area that time and wanted to stop in. He said he had a good time. Wishes he could join in the fun more often. Thank your for your Christmas card. Sounds like you have your hands full with 3 teenagers in the house. Teenage girls, oh my! I have one girl and she drives me crazy. My son is much calmer then my daughter, you know, less drama. We need to get the boys to find time from their busy work schedule so we can get together for a visit. On second thought, we might have to do the planning. Say hi to John for me. Bye!
Everyone - Hope those of you that are living above the Mason Dixon line are keeping warm and to those of you who do not, well, I see you are having some cold days too. I'm not complaining, I love winter and the snow. Hope we get some more. Bye, be happy - Cathy

01/09/10 02:50 PM #366    

Kevin Walters

Happy New Year to everyone.....but heard some rather sad news from my Father that Allan Robertson from our class died recently. Do not have any details, but let's all keep his family in our thoughts and prayers.....

01/22/10 09:31 PM #367    

Brendan O'Connor

Alan was a really good guy...my thoughts go out to his family

02/21/10 05:22 PM #368    


Andy Cleff

Hey, keg party at Monahan's...he's turning 12.5....

Saturday, Feb 27.
7:30p at 100 Somers Ave, Moorestown, NJ

Bag heads at midnight...

Somebody bring bail money...

04/04/10 08:55 PM #369    

John Nardelli

My computer crashed; it looks like there's been good and bad news while I've been out of touch. For my part, the cancer is almost gone.

11/17/10 12:27 PM #370    


Andy Cleff

Friday, Nov 26 - Time again for a game of work-off-the-turkey-and-stuffing football.

All ages...all abilities. Even Tim.

11:00 AM Kick Off

Memorial Field

And if you're planning on playing for the Saturday fundraiser flag football event, you can work on your moves on Friday...

And we'll surely be tweeting the game...and be on the lookout for instant replay youtube videos of the post game nap time.

11/22/10 08:52 AM #371    


Andy Cleff

Kick off pushed up to 10AM...otherwise the game time would run into our nap time...

11/27/10 08:41 AM #372    


Andy Cleff

Some of us managed to show up at 10AM.

Game time however was delayed due to the late arrival of our event coordinators - Sullivan and O'Connor.

A few pix posted on line http://www.flickr.com/photos/andycleff/sets/72157625477798856/

Boy, are we getting better looking each year.

01/01/11 08:37 AM #373    

Jeanette Burns (Dubela)

Happy New Year everyone and thanks Andy for reminding us how easy it is to touch base. I visit my folks in Moorestown as often as possible, it would be nice to meet up sometime.  Wishing you all love, peace, health & happiness in the coming year!

05/24/11 04:44 PM #374    


Mauricio Solórzano

Wow- I found this web site by accident. It brings a feeling of nostalgia as I reminisce about all my classmates from '78, and my half-a-century crawling in this world we call Gaia.  It only seems like yesterday that I was an editor of the the MHS Nutshell magazine as I wrote literature for Ms. Fine's English class, which let me to it. Ms. Fine insisted for me to become involved in the school's literary magazine, which I succumbed not without a feeling of insecurity and doubt at first.


But I am such a different person now - full of life and self-assurance - being a successful entrepreneur and inventing technology ahead of our times.


Anyway, I am happy I found this MHS site to see how my classmates have developed over the many years.


GOD bless you all,
Mauricio Solórzano,

(972) 571-5623 (Cell)


05/20/13 06:16 PM #375    


Mauricio Solórzano

I belong to Bikers Against Child Abuse, and have been with them for about 4 years. Because I teach fencing also, I was given the road named of "Zorro" by my bike's club. I've been told that I am quiet, but deadly, like Zorro, ha, ha, ha ... :-)

Anyway, because of my involvement with BACA, I might find it a bit difficult to attend the 35th reunion coming up in June, 2013. BUT, if I don't show up, I hope y'all (notice my Texan drawl) have a wonderful time.cool



05/21/13 11:13 AM #376    


Mauricio Solórzano


I was brought up in the slumps of Mexico City. My grandmother who brought me
up didn't have the money to purchase a cape and a hat for me. For many children,
their action heroes might be Super Man, Captain America, or even spider man.
But not for me. I wanted to become an action  hero riding on his horse, with his 
cloak and hat flapping in the wind. No, not the Lone Ranger, although I must admit, 
that sounds quite enticing living in Texas. No, I wanted to become a dark figure, 
maybe silent, but deadly. Not concealing a weapon, but covering my face, kind of like
Batman does. My weapon of choice the foil, rapier, epée, or the cold and steely
From that time on, I really never grew up. I was encased in a dream world where
children are found. The action hero was my comfort and guide, always remembering
that reality is thinner than air. So for a child to understand an adult, you have to
be one of them. You have to bend down to their higher level when you speak to them,
and you have to become a person who will defend them and protect them from
all adversities, just like an action hero does.
We are bikers, action heroes of flesh and bones, ready to stand between them and
the dark force, Darth Vader, and his cronies. Except that the evil beings are not
in the movies and have to be dealt with the sharp Sabre of justice.
Now my child dream has come true and I ride on a glittering iron horse, once again
to defend those in need, those who are good, innocent, and precious. NOTHING stands
in my way. I am at the ready to unsheathe my sword, which is my strength and
determination to succeed in comforting as much as empowering kids to dream
once again and become the children that they are. They don’t have to grow up
now and deal with the filthiness of adult life.
If everyone were children, we all would settle world conflicts over a game of
capture the flag, kick the can, Hopscotch, Jump-Rope and Double Dutch,
or Hide and Seek, and NOT with war.
So when someone calls me silly, childish, or even an idiot for dressing up as Zorro,
I feel that that is the best accolade anybody can say to me -  I have left my mark.
I leave you with this humble word:
He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said:
“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never
enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this
child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such
child in my name welcomes me.
                                                                -- Mathew 18:2

05/23/13 03:01 PM #377    


Mauricio Solórzano

My gorgeous and adorable wife, Alejandra!

05/25/13 10:54 AM #378    


Andrew Simpson

Sorry I'll miss the reunion.  I have a week-long trial starting the following Monday and have to prepare all weekend.  Have a great time everyone.  Andy Simpson (coralbrief@gmail.com)

10/21/13 11:57 PM #379    


Danny Harrell

HEY, Sorry I missed the reunion. I actually just logged on to find out where to go for the reunion ( somehow I thought it would be over Thanksgiving).  Hope all had a great time. SEE YOU AT THE 40th?  I'll try to be on time for that one. 

Daniel Harrell

03/05/16 04:56 PM #380    


Andy Cleff

I am hoping a few of you can help me locate some missing classmates as well as get current email addresses for a few that I'm getting bounce backs for.

The list of folks for whom we have no email address at all is here: http://www.moorestown78.com/class_classmates_missing.cfm

And those who's emails are bouncing is here:



04/03/16 07:11 AM #381    


Andy Cleff

What a day/night!

Many more pix on FB...

04/04/16 11:06 AM #382    


Tim Monahan



Check out a slideshow of Brendan O'Connor's retirement party here to see many of your classmates from 1978!

04/06/16 05:42 PM #383    


Peggy Martin (Fecher)

Congratulations Brendan! Hope you have a wonderful time in Ireland. Tim, thank you for sharing the video with us. 


Peggy Martin Fecher

04/07/16 08:09 AM #384    

Tracy Power (Doyle)

Tim thanks for the video.  It looked like a great day was had by all.  Bendan, congratulations on an amazing career.  You deserve a well-earned trip to Ireland with your beautiful family.  Enjoy,


04/07/16 12:35 PM #385    

Brendan O'Connor

To My Dear Friends and Classmates,
A rare occasion it is when I am left speechless. But I was struck dumb when Shawn Sullivan and Andy Cleff revealed my classmate's generosity. Thank you for your kind wishes and sentiments. Just those would have been enough. (I cannot even write this note without my throat tightening and my eyes welling up)
Please know....I served because I love my Country, my home, my family and my friends. I endured the rigors of duty for the chance that our future generations might enjoy the best hope this world has for approaching the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our nation, with all its faults, is still the best experiment going. I have served alongside fine Americans across the Cold War, the Drug War and the Global War on Terror. I have served in conventional and elite formations from both the United States and of our Coalition Allies. They have been of many colors and from all creeds and we fought, bled and died for one another, in spite of those differences. It is not at all trite when I say I have served in the Company of Heroes. These things have been my reward.
Being who I am, and consistent with whom you may remember me to be,I spent nearly 40 years doing what it takes most others only 20 years to do. (Slow on the uptake I guess)

As soon as I can gather myself....I will place something on our MHS 78 web-thingy that will try, but ultimately fail to express my family's humbled gratitude.

Thank You Again,
Brendan O'Connor
Sergeant Major (Retired)
US Army Special Forces

04/07/16 06:45 PM #386    

Patricia Barone (Higman)

Many thanks to Brendan for his years of service and sacrifice!  Looks like a wonderful and well deserved retirement celebration.  Enjoy Ireland with your beautiful family!

Patti Barone Higman


04/08/16 08:07 AM #387    


Susan Wilkins (Johnson)

Brendan for President 2016🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

04/08/16 08:13 AM #388    

John Costello

Sue, how big are his hands? Important question in this cycle.

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