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02/22/09 08:33 AM #339    

Martha Rexon

I will be working at the Flyers Wives Fight for lives Carnival - at Wachovia Center today.
If you can bring your kids and family to this fun Charity event.

02/23/09 06:34 PM #340    

Eric Miller

You just described half the gin mills in Jersey. I like the- don't ask me how I know-I just know phrase. How's the jiffy coming? Tony Randall once did a monologue on Letterman on the top 10 reasons to become a dad at 78-Number 10 went something like "No need to spend for expensive toys when baby learns how much fun it is too play with the hair in Daddy's ears." Funny stuff!

02/25/09 12:12 PM #341    

Pauline Savastinuk (Cirigliano)

Hi everyone - what is happening out there......Anyone getting married, grandchildren, go on any great trips..keep us informed. We want to know.

02/27/09 12:21 PM #342    

Daniel O'Donnell

Hey, got involved in that facebook thing. So far I've renewed contact with one of my college roomates, an old hippy buddy from the seventies, and a few ex inlaws that I haven't heard from in decades, and a gay musician ex- housemate from my days in Hollywood. It's kind of cool. Check it out and look me up!

02/28/09 09:58 AM #343    

Eric Miller

An ex-roomy, ex-inlaws, a hippie and a gay musician-That's quite a mixed bag Dan-I'll have to check it out-God knows what I'll find on there!

04/02/09 03:03 PM #344    

Christine Pestridge

Sorry to be out of touch so long. February and March somehow went by and away. Sorry I missed Prospector's too! Having an early Sunday Easter Brunch there with family (a week early) this Sunday. Went last year, and it was very good, something for everyone.

Vicki, I'll respond by message.

Glad to see some life is kicking up here again. You guys have put a smile on this lady's face. Keep it coming.

Anyone coming round this or next month? My b'day always falls around Memorial Day (5/26). Would love to catch up.

04/02/09 04:38 PM #345    

Christine Pestridge

Forgot to ask, anyone following March Madness?

A close friend is a fanatic, so I find myself watching some of the games. Go Big East!

04/02/09 08:13 PM #346    

Eric Miller

Thanks Christine for breathing a sign of life into the website-I was ready to stick a fork in it-Summers around the corner-time to get geared up-I'm coming to Moorestown next week for Easter-Guys:Anything going on? Hey Dan-How's procreation coming along? Is the Jiffy still poppping?

04/03/09 09:04 PM #347    

Jill Marchione


I haven't been here for a while! Thanks so much for the faculty update a few months ago... especially about Mr. Rhody. He was such a great teacher and I think of him often when I'm standing in front of a class!

I think I'll actually be at the Franklin Institute next week (Wednesday?) with my niece and nephews. I haven't been there since we did a field trip back in middle school. Looking forward to it.

Happy Easter/ Happy Spring everyone!

04/07/09 04:12 PM #348    

Daniel O'Donnell

Thanks for asking, Eric. Going grandly. The baby's kicking the crap out of kris's stomach. We can actually see her making lumps in Kris's now rather bulbus abdomine. She's still not as rotund as Papa, however. Kris will be back to normal in a few months, but alas, I fear I might be stuck this way for much longer.

04/10/09 11:55 AM #349    

James Dodd

hey ya'll! how bout dem 'heels? glad spring is finally getting here - at least here in Charlotte - with NCAA lax playoffs right around the corner! Anyone doing anything special this summer?

04/23/09 10:06 PM #350    

Martha Rexon

Attention all golfers, and football players.
Here is your chance to give back.
Benefit June 5th for -Moorestown youth football
Golf Tournament at Willow Brook CC in Delran.
Ott's after?

05/06/09 10:09 PM #351    

Lauretta Gehweiler (Humes)

Martha John is playing in this with Coach Loring and Dave Manning after we can meet at otts. Matt will be home that day and he will be leaving for Texas for 3 yrs. he would love to see you. Is anyone in town for the summer We are always home so if anyone is around let me know

06/06/09 10:58 PM #352    

Martha Rexon

The golf outing was canceled due to the rain.The new date is 9/11/09 A nice number of classmates went to Ott's, and shared some goodtimes.

06/16/09 08:37 PM #353    

Martha Rexon

Peter Romano Band OPUSSOUL will Be Playing at Sacturros on rt 73 Marlton On Sat June 27.
If anyone else knows of any fun events please post them.

06/18/09 11:56 PM #354    

John Nardelli

I took my kindergarten teacher to lunch at Perkins. She utterly charmed my wife and son with "that first day" story. I'll go to that one on monday. TTFN. Dan, I contacted Jennie on facebook, She's gotta be pissin' off some California polititions.

06/19/09 12:53 PM #355    

John Nardelli

September 1964 (there was some obscure legallity providing for my early admission as Mrs. Lord explained; besides I was going to be five in a month or less any way) Mom walked me to school. Poor kid, though intelligent and practical she had been the rather sheltered youngest of three daughters of a story book couple who were born as subjects to Queen Victoria. Mom's father was too good, so she despaired quite a bit when the guy she married when she was just twenty-one started smackin' her around when she was six months pregnant with me. When it came to it mom was taking care of two little boys and an SOB who expected to be waited on hand and foot before anything else for as long as he recquired, no matter what. So my brother and I were handed over to an unwilling baby-sitter untill the arrangement with the school could be implemented; I understand it was a while before mom was able to walk me to school. It wasn't too long ago, I'd say maybe three or four years after she divorced him that in a moment of blinding candor mom told me that it was like walking to paradise, before school it was Hell for her she wished one of us would die; she even told me, point blank that I almost made her take me out more than once.

At any rate she introduced to Mrs. Lord and left. My new teacher took my hand and got me an eighth of the way across the room when I broke down and broke for the door; I was small, even for four, the elementals for Newtonian physics as far field applications had not occured to me as yet so I could not open the door. I was crying already, so what happened next was probably what made me her darling, I pounded the door turned and sat with my back against and buried my face in my hands, my heart broke, she picked me up and took me over to her desk; more than half of the girls were crying as they came with her, a few of the boys cried too. she sent them off and sat me in her lap and talked to me. I was laughing in a short time. By the end of the day Mrs. Lord had told the girls to quit dressing me up in the good the good will stuff both gender ensembles.

Her talks with me continued of course and I had the beginings of the idea that I must become worthy of being in the company of everyone I meet.

11/25/09 02:01 PM #356    

Kevin Walters

Wish I could be there for the 11:30am piece of the day! Have a great Thanksgiving evryone......

11/30/09 08:11 PM #357    

Brendan O'Connor

It was a beautiful crisp day. The field was muddy. In attendance:Myself, my wife Meg, sons Ryan and Dillon, daughter Darby, Brother Brian O'Connor and his son Liam, brother Michael O'Connor, and sisters Siobhan and Libby O'Connor. Rich McLaughlin and son Ryan, Russel Brown and son Tyler, Andy Cleff, Fred Corbett and daughter Melanie. Lisa (Mulle) Warren showed up to provide medical coverage. Nurse Warren demurred at playing but eventually decided to play. She scored 2 touch downs, had two interceptions, 3 fumble recoveries but was eventually kicked out of the game for unsportsman-like conduct. Did she really have to gouge Cleff's eyes just because he was in her short, left flat zone? Oh-well such is competition. Afterwards we all went to Mrs. Sullivan's house where we nursed our bruised egos and quaffed a few beers down chased by advil, motrin, flexeril and cialis...oops i mean drank from CHALISES

12/19/09 04:46 PM #358    

Lisa Mulle (Warren)

LOL, I just read Brendan's post. My favorite part of the day was seeing everyone, especially Siobhan in her Moorestown Color Guard jacket, and getting Mrs. Sullivan's secret manicotti recipe. Best wishes to everyone for a healthy new year.

12/24/09 02:30 PM #359    

David Reed

Hope every one has a wonderful Holiday Season. Staying in FL and enjoying the moderate temperatures. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a blessed 2010.

01/01/10 07:09 AM #360    

Kathryn Williams

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you are healthy and happy in 2010.

01/01/10 01:22 PM #361    

Thomas Maahs (Maahs)

Just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!

01/01/10 01:50 PM #362    


Andy Cleff

Happy New Year all.

I actually managed to stay awake until 1AM. Without stimulants. Surprised myself.

Boy, Dick Clark doesn't look so good. Wonder what is keeping him alive...

Just about all of us will be turning 50 this year. (Some are already there...)

Hard to believe. Seems like it wasn't too long ago we were all worried about the y2k bug...That was ten years ago!!!

Good to see a nice turn out for the football game. And Mulle was a good sport. In spite of my alleged indiscretions. Which honestly I don't recall. Must have been senior moment. Glad O'Connor was a eye witness and that he left his video gear in the car...

Here's to enjoying the next half a century!!!!

01/02/10 09:25 AM #363    

Cathy Loring (Manning)

Just want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone. Have had a house full for the holidays but have enjoyed our time together. Hope all had a nice holiday and spent some quality time with family and friends. Plan to check in on the website more this year. Bye for now! -Cathy

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